XP Series Front Loader
LS Engine


Best comprehensive solution for your machine
LS engine provides you with the best comprehensive solution of engine
which can be adapted to a variety of agricultural machines and construction devices.
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LS engine Tier4 overview

 1. High pressure (1800 bar) Common Rail System  2. Electronic Exhaust Recirculation Device
    (EGR+EGR Cooler)
- Fuel consumption optimization by fuel injection of high
  pressure, multiple injection and injection timing adjustment
- Actualization of high output, low fuel efficiency, low vibration
  and low noise
- Exhaust reduction with combustion efficiency
- Exhaust reduction and improvement of fuel consumption rate
  with optimized Cooled EGR system control
 3. DOC+DPF system  4. Waste Gate Type turbo charger
- Installation of DOC to reduce HC/CO and reburn the PM
  accumulated in DPF
- This system is for meeting the regulation of Tier4 exhaust
  and dealing with future regulation
- Improvement of fuel efficiency and output
- Increase of torque and responsiveness in the range of low
  and middle speed
- Prevention of high intake & exhaust pressure and improvement
  of engine efficiency