LS Parts Finder

Advanced online parts book service.

LS Parts Finder

LS Mtron provides you with web parts book service, LS parts finder which is easy to use, convenient and available 24 hours a day!You can search for information on parts
online to keep your LS products up and running.

Let us show you how the LS parts finder will help save your time & effort !

1. The simple web interface for an effective and intuitive search.

Refer to image below, You can access more directly to parts data with a comprehensive and intuitive
search tool. Also, LS parts finder provides you with a key-word searching and various search options.

2. Customized Searching Engine

LS parts finder allows you to get customizing search-results based on your country.
It will help you save time and prevent costly mistakes being made among similar products.

3. The first 3D display in the tractor parts service industry.

LS parts finder gives you 3D design samples of parts you can rotate to any angle then scroll your mouse to zoom.
With 3D display service, you can check the location and appearance of parts and reduce errors such as ordering wrong parts.

4. Easy exporting system

Your chosen items can be directly exported to an excel file within your browser.
Therefore you would not be required to remember the part numbers. Just click the name of item and select export all items.

Advanced online parts book service