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in Germany

AGRITECHNICA is an international agricultural machinery and equipment fair which held in Hanover, Germany from November 12th to November 18th.
It is one of the largest agricultural machinery fairs in the world, where approximately 2,900 exhibitors and 450,000 participants attend.

We, LS Mtron showed the best lineup in this fair as the top tractor company in South Korea.
Based on our booth concept 'Chess', we expressed our tractors as chess pieces ranging from pawns to king depending on HP(Horse Power) and also showed our will to win in European tractor market.

XP model(101HP) showed off its dignity on hero zone inside of our booth. It applied FPT engine and used in various ways. Participants from all over the world other than local people asked many questions about the performance and features of the engine and model.

There was MT5 model(73HP) in hero zone next to the XP model. This model applied 4-pillar cab and power shuttle lever. It received a lot of attention from attendees.

Moreover, MT1 model(25HP), J model(27HP), XR model(50HP) were displayed on the booth equipped with diverse working implements in front and rear of itself. Participants that looked around the tractors asked lots of questions regarding the usage and places where those are being used.

Also, the MT1(25HP) which is a strategic model in the European market caught people's eyes that were walking around our booth through loader, midmower and grass catcher.

In the meeting zone, consultation with local parteners was proceeded very well. It will be the driving force for us to make a productive relationship with our customers.

In this fair, we presented pencils and calendars to attendees visiting our booth. And we conducted lottery event to present tumbler, miniature and so forth to attendees.
There were many people dropping by our booth to see products and take part in the event.

2017 AGRITECHNICA was a precious opportunity for us to show our confidence that our products and technology can be applied to the global market.
We are very thankful to our customers who visited our booth during exhibition.
We promise that we will communicate with our customers and develop step by step.
Thank you very much to our customers.