Here's the news from the LS tractor.


2020 LS Tractor Photo Contest in Korea

LS Tractor runs its 6th Photo & UCC Contest in Korea.
The contests made some beautiful tractor photo pieces and a lot of photographers excited for its big prize money.
This tractor contest is becoming the biggest photo contest in Korea because of its grand first prize money which is about USD 3,000.
The subjest of this competition is 'Country dreamt by youth, youth dreaming LS tractor'
The 6th contest started on 1st of October 2019 and it will go until 31th of March this year.

[Many cabbages / Shin Gyuho]

The tractor is a strong partner to help with difficult farming.

[My love to you / Noh Sanggwon]

The atmosphere provided by the young couple and the three children is lovely and the expression is natural.

[Stretch / Song Hyeonjun]

The life with the tractor was expressed with the bright expression of a young man.

The meaning of this photo contest is to show the country to youth by the photo.
I hope this will be a chance for young people to reflect on the beauty of the countryside once again through the photos.

LS tractor is excited to receive some good photos and also thankful for those efforts the photographers make to get good photos.