LS engine provides you with the best comprehensive solution of engine which can be adapted to a variety of agricultural machines and construction devices.


Best comprehensive solution for your machine

Advantages on LS Tier4 Engine
- Show the best performance in harsh environment
- High output & effective fuel efficiency with optimized engine and drive planning
- Increase user satisfaction with low noise and vibration
- Consider the environment with low exhaust emission
1. High pressure (1800 bar) Common Rail System
- Fuel consumption optimization by fuel injection of high pressure, multiple injection and injection timing adjustment
- Actualization of high output, low fuel efficiency, low vibration and low noise
- Exhaust reduction with combustion efficiency
2. Electronic Exhaust Recirculation Device (EGR+EGR Cooler)
- Exhaust reduction and improvement of fuel consumption rate with optimized Cooled EGR system control
3. DOC+DPF system
- Installation of DOC to reduce HC/CO and reburn the PM accumulated in DPF
- This system is for meeting the regulation of Tier4 exhaust and dealing with future regulation
4. Waste Gate Type turbo charger
Improvement of fuel efficiency and output
- Increase of torque and responsiveness in the range of low and middle speed
- Prevention of high intake & exhaust pressure and improvement of engine efficiency


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model & Performance Curve

Smoke Emission

LS has successfully developed an environmentally friendly engine with high potential for meeting future emission regulations that are expected to become increasingly strict, such as those targeting the reduction of CO2 emissions.