LS engine provides you with the best comprehensive solution of engine which can be adapted to a variety of agricultural machines and construction devices.


Best comprehensive solution for your machine.

Advantages on Engine
- Sophisticated design with small size and weight reduction
- The highest output comparing with the competitors in the same level
- Ease of maintenance and treatment
- Secure the flexibility of installation with a variety of options
- Actualization of customer satisfaction with excellent inner reliability
- Low vibration and low noise
1. Optimization of combustion place and fuel jet system
- Improvement in combustion efficiency through maximization of air flowing and air/fuel mixture
- Optimal control through optimization of fuel injection rate and injection timing
2. Outstanding durability and reliability
- Increase of inner quality in engine through hardness for crankcase and coolant flowing optimization
- Thermal load reduction with hardness construction planning
- Secure high durability with improvement of pressure resistance, heat-resistance and wear resistance
3. Excellent fuel efficiency and economy
- Accurate fuel supply and control are available by utilizing VE pump
- Realization of high-output, high-torque and reasonable fuel efficiency with the optimization for 4 valve, high pressure injection, vertical installation of injectors and intake flow
4. Low vibration / Low noise
- Optimization of engine noise and vibration by applying CAE technology and minimizing the modification of crankcase hardness
- Minimization of noise and vibration through adopting secondary balance shaft and combustion optimization


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model & Performance Curve